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High Rise

Check out this aesthetic and minimalist city builder puzzle game.

Death Stranding

Deliver vital supplies around a post apocalyptic world where the dead still linger in the world of the living and the rain advances time.


Survive endless waves of enemies and unlock characters, levels, game modes and plenty more.

The Crew 2

Race across the USA in motorbikes, supercars, monster trucks, planes, boats and more.


Take moment out of your busy day to enjoy the beautiful calm…

Marvel Snap

Collect all your favourite super heroes and villains and face off against other collectors.

Fight off massive waves of enemies and evolve some truly outrages weapons, most importantly – survive.

Equip Master

Manage vast quantities of equipment and defeat enemy blocks in this weird yet addictive equipment management simulator.

Slime Rancher

Your dream of farming and exploiting adorable slimes can now be fulfilled.


Devour humans and upgrade your shark beyond your wildest dreams.

Melvor Idle

Mine, craft and fight your way to superiority in this amazingly simple but addictive idle game.


Embark on an epic adventure as a cute kitten in a world where humans no longer exist.

The Sea of Death

You wake up on a mysterious boat in a dark dystopian world. Figure out what’s happening and how to get out…


Send brave heroes on epic adventures against a huge variety of beasts and enemies.

Dicey Elementalist

A twist on the usual roguelike dungeon crawler deck builder game – using DICE! All that and beautiful graphics and plenty to unpack in Dicey Elementalist!

Idle Fortress Tower Defense (Updated)

Idle Fortress Tower Defense is a mobile game by DD Games. As suggested by the fairly generic name it’s a simple game with a simple premise – upgrade your fortress and defeat an onslaught of enemy waves. The concept of an idle tower defence game was something that intrigued me, however I was a little…

Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) – Coming Back to Minecraft After 10+ years

Minecraft a game developed by Mojang needs little to no introduction. The game started in Alpha in 2010 and was officially released in 2011. There are technically two independent versions – Bedrock and Java edition, where Bedrock is the version available on all consoles, mobile and windows 10. Over the years the game has continuously…


They say ruling a kingdom is much like finding a match on Tinder…

Punch Club

Packed with cult classic references and seriously challenging, there’s only 1 rule to remember…

The Survivalists

Ever wondered what you would do if you were stranded on a remote island?

The Final Earth 2

Ever wanted to build mega tower blocks in the distant future, this may be the city builder for you.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Take on a world roamed by colossal machines and uncover the fate of your ancestors.

Abstrrkt Explorers

Do you have that feeling that all mobile strategy games are just annoying gatcha games with loads of microtransactions to help you speed things up? Me too, but this one is something different. Abstrrkt Explorers (or just Explorers) by Abstrrkt is a free, turn based strategy game for android. The game is reminiscent of some…

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Manage your very own RPG world, charge your heroes extortionate rates for your services and defeat all that is evil.


Dive deep underwater and experience the magic that ABZÛ has to offer.

Magic Survival

Ever dreamt of whirring around as a magical being while being attacked by evil squiggles? Even if you haven’t check this out.


Unable to ski or snowboard this year due to lockdowns and restrictions? Look no further…

The Burnable Garbage Day

In the distant future, the earth is covered in garbage and nature struggles to survive, it’s all up to one cleaning robot and his voice assistant.

The Wanderer

Does wandering around the desolate landscape scavenging for food and resources sound like your ideal game? Look no further.

Big Pharma

Every dreamt of curing the world and making a huge profit while doing so?


Do you enjoy exploring dungeons and fighting off vast armies of mobs? Sit back and enjoy the show or get your hands dirty with this one.

The Outer Worlds

An absolutely amazing RPG that will keep you playing for days and give you absolute freedom to do as you please.

Just Cause 4

Ever wanted to cause absolute mayhem and destruction? No open world map big enough for you? Not in this game.

Island War

Build your army, collect and upgrade your units and conquer enemy islands.

Spider-Man (2018)

Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive that let’s you save New York as everyone’s favourite neighbourhood super-hero.

Home Quest

Build up your empire in Home Quest and amass an army that everyone will fear.

MMA Manager

MMA Manager allows you to run and manage a roster of the toughest fighters out there.


Want an insight into one of the worst global pandemics? Mixed in with the gripping story of a newly born vampire…


NEO:BALL is a fast paced and exciting PvP game.


Who’s got the quickest draw in Gummy West? It may be you – check out Gumslinger, a physics based shootout.


Hop from island to island and create magnificent settlements in this beautifully simple city building masterpiece.

Genshin Impact

A big and beautiful open world awaits you as you search for your lost twin…

Micro RPG

Fancy playing the smallest RPG you can. This might be it and it’s micro…


#DRIVE is a laid back driving experience and a car collection like no other.

Stardew Valley

A modern gaming classic that will keep you playing for ages.


WARNING! This game is highly addictive! Live the life you always wanted.

Super Clone

A colourful and action packed shooter with a lot to offer.

Idle Brick Breaker

Looking for a mesmerising and chill game where you can sit back and enjoy the view?


If you love dinosaurs and don’t mind watching a few ad videos then this one may be for you.

Game Dev Tycoon

Ever dreamed of running your own Game Dev Studio? Now you can…

Infinitinode 2

Keep improving your towers and defending your bases for… infinity.

Pocket City

Build and run the city of your dreams, celebrate with street parties and if you get bored let all hell break loose all in the palm of your hand on Pocket City.

Mini Metro

An instant classic, perfect for killing time

Exiled Kingdoms

An homage to classic isometric RPGs with an expansive open world and great story line.