Tiny Space Program

The Game

Tiny Space Simulator by Cinnabar Games is an interesting and quite aesthetically pleasing space simulation game. The game is free to play with regular updates coming out (although last update was April, so may be affected by lockdown). It’s a nice take on the genre, not focusing so much on the launching and flying, but rather on colonising, tourism, research and resource management.

You start on earth and your first tasks is to set up base on the moon. Building things takes real time and jobs can be rushed for premium currency or video watching. Honestly I haven’t really felt a need to rush or boost anything in this way and in that sense the gatcha element isn’t very intrusive. However maybe the game could have made use of some sort of login reward system to at least keep you coming back.

As you research new ship parts and upgrade what you have you will be able to venture out further in space, build more and make more money.

3….2….1…. Lift off!

Worth it?

Since it’s a free to play it’s definitely worth a play. I think the game still has room to grow quite a bit and some of the “coming soon” features do sound quite good.

Personally some of the waiting times are a bit tedious and keep me from playing the game for longer stints at a time. It would also be nice to be able to be able to set workers to do tasks automatically once completed.

Overall a fun game, good take on resource management and simulation. Mostly a casual game to be played in short bursts. It will be interesting to see how the game develops from here on out.


  • There is a series of tips and tricks in game to help get you started
  • Completing the basic missions when you first land on a planet/moon can be a great source of cash
  • Tourism can be a good source of income, but requires a 500 coin upgrade to start
  • Research better ships for more carrying/crew capacity

Useful Links

Wiki: https://tiny-space-program.fandom.com/wiki/Tiny_Space_Program_Wiki

Trello: https://trello.com/b/KVZlAV0r/tiny-space-program-idea-list