Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim

The Game

A simple but effective idle clicker game by Iron Horse Games. In this beautiful clicker game your objective is to collect resources and claim all the surrounding islands. You can mine and harvest various resources and once you start automating this process you can create more complex supply chains – for example harvesting wheat to make beer to sell at the tavern for serious profit. The game has 3 different biomes – snow, grass and sand with unique resources available in each. The game has quests and objectives for you to meet from building certain things to delivering resources.

An ok amount of stuff to build and resources to acquire.

Worth it?

One thing is immediately apparent when you start playing the game – the potential of it is great. It is just a clicker game, but well paced in the beginning to keep you quite active after which you will start to rely on longer idle times and 2x videos.

Overall I felt it was a bit short – within 3 days I had built everything and had more resources than I knew what to do with. I definitely think the game can be taken further and expanded on massively. I would recommend it as a great time killer, but not much replay value after acquiring most buildings.


  • Focus on grass farms early on, so you can get shovels.
  • Shovels are useful to unlock extra islands and extra people through digging up treasures.
  • Completing quests can also give you extra people.
  • Getting multiple workers in a mine (or any work place) will increase the output to equal the number of workers.

Useful Links

Sadly not much there in terms of a wiki and guides, but also not much to explain about the game either. Nothing a quick google can’t answer.