Idle Fortress Tower Defense (Early Access)

The Game

Idle Fortress Tower Defense is an early access game by DD Games. As suggested by the fairly generic name it’s a simple game with a simple premise – upgrade your fortress and defeat an onslaught of enemy waves. The concept of an idle tower defence game was something that intrigued me, however I was a little disappointed that this game isn’t really what I would call an “idle”.

The game has quite a typical mobile cartoony art style that works quite nicely. The core gameplay loop is doing runs in which you see how many waves you can last. You can upgrade your tower heavily throughout the battle with silver coins that you earn. During your run you will also earn gold which can be used to permanently upgrade your tower at the factory or research lab. Every 10 waves a buffed up boss will also appear, providing a significant challenge. There are plenty of upgrades to unlock including a variety of shot types, satellites, health and defence upgrades.

Worth it?

The game is free to play and still in development. Even while I have been playing for the last couple of weeks quite a few things have changed and while some things like watching ads currently seems to be disabled, it does generally keep getting better updates. Ad watching is only there to increase the amount earned from a run and generally not intrusive. I wouldn’t really call this an “idle” game due to the fact that you actually have to be quite active when doing a run and being selective of what gets upgrade. The only idle element is the gem mine which awards you gems every so often.

The game is quite good for active play sessions, which can last anywhere between 5 and 15-20 minutes depending on how many waves you manage to get, as you progress there are other ways to speed up fights. The game does have various bugs, mainly around the areas of properly ending waves and the game cycle itself. Overall it’s a fun game and is a good base to build on. It would be nice to know when the second area is actually unlocked as it feels like it’s quite far away. The game is actually quite challenging and ramps up its difficulty quite early on.

There isn’t that much in the way of idle mechanics, perhaps if the tower fought off waves with it’s permanent upgrades and restarted every time it died or some sort of auto-buyer it could be more of an idle (while afk). Another option would be some sort of idle farms or mechanics that tick while you are away from the game. Either way as an active-play game there’s a good amount to get stuck into, it would be nice to see more cards and card slots and possibly even more upgrades, secondary turrets, areas, enemies and maybe even some more truly idle mechanics.


  • Focus on upgrading gold and coins per level as early as possible
  • Life-steal and HP are key to getting past bosses
  • Regeneration is generally useless
  • Unlock all card slots and cards asap, keep purchasing and upgrading cards with your gems
  • Don’t bother win a second lab research slot
  • The maximum game speed multiplier is 3x

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