Random Dice: PvP Defence

The Game

Imagine Hearthstone meets a tower defense game completely reliant on RNG. Random Dice: PvP Defence by 111% is exactly that. The objective of the game is spawn, merge and upgrade dice in order to defend against waves of enemy dice. It features two primary modes – PvP and Co-Op and is based around collecting new dice with different power ups. There are various types and tiers of dice all with unique abilities.

As it’s a mobile game there is obviously the gatcha element, but very subtle it’s not very intrusive. Playing co-op mode allows you to collect cards to open chests which will give you new cards. The game also features an arena mode in which you have a random deck and 3 lives to go as far as you can. There is also a 1 game version of the arena that allows you to risk your gems for more.

Worth it?

Definitely a great time killer, although sometimes Co-Op games can go on for a while (I’ve had 25min games), but PvP is usually around 3-5 mins. The collection element is good and kept me coming back a lot, wanting to grind quests and co-op to get more dice.

They are still updating the game regularly with new dice and Crews are being added as well now. It’s a simple but effective game and can get pretty mental. There are some occasional minor performance issues, but nothing game breaking.

Overall would recommend as a casual mobile game.

There’s a huge collection of unique dice, with new ones being added regularly.


  • There are daily quests you can complete to collect gold and gems (the premium currency).
  • Once you complete a quest you can reset it (you can do this once).
  • Try and fill the whole board with dice before merging them.
  • Save up 40k gold because the shop occasionally has Legendary dice, you can also reset the shop more often by watching videos.
  • Spend gems on arena – the win potential if you go beyond 7 is maddive.

Useful Links

Wiki: https://random-dice.fandom.com/wiki/Random_Dice_Wiki

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/zQj6tCM

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/randomdice/


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