Super Clone

The Game

Super Clone is an early access game by LeftRight. The game is essentially an action RPG set in the distant future where robots have taken over. You start off in the 2100 on a mission to stop the robots, but sadly you don’t manage, 10 years later you are reborn as a clone on a mission to save humanity and stop the robots. The game is bright and colourful, it features very simple controls – movement and action. Shooting happens automatically when within range of an enemy. Enemies vary with various shooting patters or melee attacks. Dodging, moving and shooting is slick and responsive and very fun.

At the end of each stage in a level you are given a choice of various upgrades that will last during this level. Once you have selected an upgrade you may have a choice of various routes to continue on – the route you choose will determine the type of upgrades available at the end of that stage. Look out for secret rooms as well as they will hold special items that can be turned in for various prizes. The game has 5 chapters currently, each featuring 7 levels with a varying amount of stages. For an early access game, there is definitely a lot there to get your teeth into.

Worth it?

The game is fast paced, fun, colourful and has some good audio. There is a lot to it and as it’s early access we can look forward to a lot more in the future like the Arena mode. You generally have 5 clones that take around 15mins to respawn – meaning that if you were to play 5 levels in quick succession you may need to take a break before you jump back in, although if you are really pressed you can watch a video. You can purchase an add free version for £5.99 along with some gems and while it’s not really needed – it’s not that big an amount for what the game has to offer, so definitely worth considering.

There are 3 tiers of chests, essentially the gatcha element, keys for the bottom two tiers are easy to come by, while the top tier costs premium currency and is only available for free once a week. The chests are needed to unlock new armour and weapons.

Overall this game has some serious potential and delivers quite a punch. I am very keen to see where it goes from here. There are some minor bugs, text issues and polish elements like being able to compare weapons or open multiple chests at the same time, but I would expect these and more to all be resolved in future updates.


  • If you’re short on cash repeat the last level in a world and try and get coin enhancements
  • Use and level up different weapons for different levels
  • Experiment with different upgrades and builds
  • Make sure to turn in lost items for nice prizes

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